Highland Dental Plan

Highland Dental Plan

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Any patient may register with this excellent care plan through this practice. Many patients find that this is a helpful method of spreading payments whilst ensuring that all your dental needs are met.

The Highland Dental Plan provides an inexpensive payment scheme to cover all necessary dental treatment. A monthly premium covers all treatment, including examinations, x-rays, fillings, root-fillings and even visits with the hygienist. Any treatment that is needed to preserve your teeth is covered automatically. The only additional costs arise if treatment involves laboratory work e.g. crowns and dentures, when you pay only the laboratory fee, or the insurance excess should you need emergency treatment.

About the highland dental plan

The Highland Dental Plan is a non-profit making organisation that has been set up by dentists in the Highland region, which is both controlled and administered locally.

How do i register?

Registration with the Highland Dental Plan is very simple. An assessment of your dental fitness establishes which payment band you are in. Cover begins as soon as you have signed the registration form. Please note that registration must be within three weeks of an examination or completion of a course of treatment.


The Highland Dental Plan also incorporates an element of insurance. The annual premium covers you against traumatic damage to teeth e.g. falls, sporting injuries or if you require emergency treatment. This insurance covers you worldwide.


Discounts are available if you are joining with members of your family and paying from the same monthly direct debit.

  • 2 people on the same direct debit… 5%
  • 3 people on the same direct debit…10%
  • 4 or more on the same direct debit… 15%