Charges & Payments

Charges are to be paid at the time of treatment, or in advance of appointments, so please be prepared to pay when asked to do so. A full estimate of the course of treatment will be given to you at, or soon after, your examination. The estimate will also detail the treatment that we have recommended as necessary to maintain your dental health.

We have a brief summary of our charges. Obviously we cannot include all items and so many more treatments are available than can be shown here. At your consultation visit we will be able to discuss your needs with you so that the treatment planned will meet your expectations.

TreatmentsPrivate (£)HDP (£)
Examination Visits
Extensive [usually first visit to practice]47.3047.30
Oral examination and report39.00N/C*
Scale & Polish44.00N/C*
Hygienist - 30 mins72.75N/C*
Hygienist - 40 mins96.90N/C*
X-Rays: 117.20N/C*
X-Rays: 226.20N/C*
X-Rays: 331.30N/C*
Silver - small49.90N/C*
Silver - medium67.50N/C*
Silver - large84.00N/C*
Tooth coloured - small83.70N/C*
Tooth coloured - medium115.60N/C*
Tooth coloured - Large139.20N/C*
Root Treatment - incisor (approx cost)276.60N/C*
Veneer - porcelain (approx cost)391.20*LAB
Precious metal bonded Crown (approx cost)476.90*LAB
Lava Crown (approx cost)580.20*LAB
1 Tooth64.20N/C*
2 Teeth96.30N/C*
1-3 Teeth (approx cost)327.90*LAB
Full Upper and Lower dentures (approx cost)743.80*LAB
Teeth Whitening:390.00**370.00
Approx. cost per implant
depending on requirements

N/C* – no charge
*LAB – patient pays for the laboratory bill only
** – cosmetic

Patients will be provided with estimates at, or shortly after their examination visit.

Every course of treatment is tailored to suit the expectations and requirements of the patient as an individual. It is only by doing this that we can offer the personal service.